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Did you know that the Dragonfly is known to be a symbol of change, and transformation? Did you also know that there are over 5,000 different species of Dragonflies?

Join us on Saturday March 16, 2019, from 12pm-3pm for an afternoon CHANGING salvaged and deconstructed items that would have been normally destined for the landfill and TRANSFORMING them into your own amazing Dragonfly! These items make wonderful fence decorations or can be the perfect addition to any wall. Bring your creativity and imagination and re-create a Dragonfly that is as unique as you are.

Table legs, spindles, salvaged wood, old fan blades and a few surprise items will be available to be used for this project. Our guests will be able to choose from our assortment of materials to build their Dragonfly. They will then be able to construct and finish their dragonfly as desired. We will be there to guide and assist you, as little or as much as desired, through your creative process. These are perfect to give as a special gift or great to keep for yourself. (final sizes will vary dependent on participants choices) approximate average size 3’ x 3’. 

All supplies and light refreshments provided. 

Event Highlights

The picture is from our December event which was turning an old window into a piece of art. Our guests picked from different types of single pane windows that had been salvaged from houses that had either been modified or deconstructed. The average size of the windows that were used were 30"x30" and weighed from 3-7 pounds a piece.

We talked about how to check to make sure items are safe and if not, how to make them safe for reuse. How to redo the frames to get the texture, finish and design you are looking for (weathered, stained, painted, distressed, etc.) Learned how to best prepare glass for painting. What types of materials to use (paint, brushes, stencils, tape, erasable glass pen) along with instruction and technique tips to decorate the window.  

During this event our participants diverted approximately 80 pounds of materials from entering our landfills. They also made some great pieces. Thank you to all who participated. 

Registration information

It would be so much fun for you to come and Re-Create with us. If you click the link below it will take you to our registration page. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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Dragonflies made from old table legs, spindles, wood and ceiling fan blades.



Reversible spring / summer salvaged wood / pallet decorative signs. 



Garden beds or plantar boxes made from salvaged materials. 

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We feel like they are our perfect match

Re-Creation Station of WI has had the amazing opportunity to partner with Razed & Found to host a DIY event series. Razed & Found, one of Milwaukee's hidden treasures, is a non-profit that offers deconstruction & salvage services. They operate a retail store that sells reclaimed building materials and carries "impossible"-to-find items in their inventory that updates on a daily basis. Their "primary mission is to preserve Milwaukee's rich architectural history by turning what would normally be seen as waste, into cherished resources."  

Both of our organizations are passionate about turning reclaimed or discarded materials into resources through creativity and transformation. We are very excited to be able to share our materials, ideas, skills, space and tools with you. 

Our D.I.Y events will be centered around highlighting and utilizing the ever changing inventory of salvaged or donated items that can be discovered at Razed & Found. These events will showcase the possibilities of what can be done when you see materials not for what they are, but for what they could become. 

DIY events are designed for guests of all experience levels. Materials, tools and embellishments will be provided. A skilled instructor will be leading the session with extra volunteers available to help with questions or just be an extra set of hands. 

Our goal is for our Re-Creators to have fun and make something amazing while they are visiting us. In addition, we want to provide the opportunity to gain knowledge, build self-confidence and develop useful skills. Each event will highlight a material, technique, or tool. 

We will also be tracking the weight of the materials that we have been able to divert from the landfill. We are looking forward to watching this number grow quickly. 

We want to share our passion of creative reuse and environmental consciousness with all of you. We hope to see you at our DIY events and Thank You for your support. All proceeds from our DIY events go directly back into helping us to continue moving forward. 

Visit Razed & Found

With an incredible inventory that updates daily you won't want to miss an opportunity to visit them online or in person! Follow them on Instagram or Twitter or on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/RazedandFound/ to keep up to date and to watch their weekly episode of Friday Finds. This video will showcase new items and highlight upcoming events. 

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