Learn about Re-Creation Station of WI


What does RCSWI do?

RCSWI is a Non-Profit Creative Reuse Center. Our mission is to promote sustainability, creativity, and imagination through DIY events, workshops, creative reuse STEAM educational programs, school to skilled force development, material re-allocation, and community partnerships. Our goal is to inspire innovative ideas, encourage habits of conscious disposal and develop solutions on how to divert materials from the waste stream and transform them into resources. We do all this and have fun while we are doing it!

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Why does RCSWI do what we do?

RCSWI wants to help make our future and our community a better place. By inspiring creativity, nurturing the maker mindset and working together we can generate awareness of the necessity of landfill diversion. By encouraging change of perception of the materials that surround us, we are able to envision purpose and potential where we could not see it before. The positive long-term environmental and economic effects are limitless. Want to learn 50 statistics that will you make think twice about your trash?

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How does RCSWI do what we do?

All people involved in operating RCSWI are volunteers. We are able to move forward due to all the time of those amazingly dedicated volunteers and the generosity of those who support our mission. We greatly appreciate any and all donations of space, time, cash, materials, supplies, tools, advertising, and sponsorship. Please see our Donation page to learn more about the great impact that your donation can make. 

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Learn about our friends who share our mission

Razed & Found


Our DIY Event partners. An architectural deconstruction and salvage non-profit with a retail store open to the public. I like to call this "the land of a thousand treasures". Everyday I walk in and it is like opening a present, because there is always something new to see. 

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Veronica's Palette


Ronni Shmauz is an amazing artist who's work is showcased as Veronica's Palette. She creates beautiful pieces on reclaimed materials. People can buy her work and can also contact her regarding custom pieces and private events. She is the Volunteer Creative Art Director at RCSWI.

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Gear grove


Milwaukee's premier custom furniture designer and builder. They can make from everything from walls and floors, to table and chairs. Need some accessories or maybe something engraved, they got that covered. You wouldn't believe what they can do until you see it. 

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Sweet Simplicity Professional Organizing


Tamara Starr is the proud owner of Sweet Simplicity Professional Organizing. She also says, "I'm HUGE, HUGE, HUGE about recycle/re-purpose/reuse. Tamara will not only do a great job getting you organized, she will find a perfect new home for any items you no longer need. How amazing is that?

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Containers Up


"Rethink Your Relationship With Rentals". Looking for that perfect addition to your event, maybe a unique business headquarters? We said we know people that can re-purpose pretty much anything. Check out what our friends Tom and Lyle do with old shipping containers. You are definitely not going to want to miss learning more about this!

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Everyone at ADSSW helps promote our mission by practicing environmentally conscious habits daily. They are also wonderful Makers and we always have the best time re-creating with them. They are wonderful people who have supported us from day one and we would like to give you the opportunity to learn how wonderful they are too. 

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